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René Kohler / website

When I was 12 years old I was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, this condition Is from damage to the nervous system and causes extreme pain. So I was forced into a wheelchair from a young age, and when spinal cord stimulation and morphine and other medication didn’t work, I have to tried medical marijuana. now Now no walking support, no morphine, and is an advocate of medical marijuana.This is as a result of the marijuana which i order here.Now i placed my order even without a medical card!

Mark Jance / Facebook

Now that I’ve had a good taste of the legendary “Green Crack,” I can confidently state that it is among my top three favorite strains. The aroma straight from the jar is the first thing that comes to mind. While this strain is a well-known Sativa, it has that lovely Indica aroma. It’s a pleasure to smoke, and it tastes just as good as it smells. For me, it’s a big plus. Dishes and laundry are finished. This strain comes highly recommended by me to anyone looking for a nice tasting bud that stimulates the mind and lifts your spirits. Customer Services here is all I will need, THANKS to Credible Weed Delivery!

Excellent work. Very good services, Speed, Very Discreet, works perfectly. Congratulations !!
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