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psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars

Psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars; also known locally as shrooms or mushies are organically cultivated mushrooms with hallucinogenic properties. That is, they can make you see, hear and even feel things that appear to be real, but aren’t.

Magic mushroom cultivation trace back many centuries ago and are even used for therapy! They mainly contain the drug “Psilocybin”. The effects usually kick in after 20-40 minutes and can linger around for as long as 6 hours! The impacts are usually multi-fold –
Eases out depression and stress
Induces euphoria (tremendous excitement and pleasure)
Drowsiness and relaxation
Brings on hallucinations
Provokes spiritual awakening sometimes
Each Bar is infused With 3g of Our Premium Chocolate Mushrooms
Usually, even people who love to try out these mushrooms hesitate to use them only because of society’s eye. So, living with your strict parents? Want to escape society’s eye? Want to deceit your judgmental peers? Wish to try out these shrooms really bad? Your only solution is our “Magic Mushroom Chocolates Bar”!! We make use of the entire fruiting bodies of magic mushrooms, process them, and make yummy chocolate bars! They appear and taste exactly like any other typical chocolate bar, but the outcomes are just way too much. Just store them in a cool, dry place and that’s it! You can enjoy your delight whenever you crave it!

One Up Mushroom Bars

Even if you want to carry around your mushies, there will absolutely be no issue! You can even send it to your friend who loves these shrooms, without the fear that they will rot. Our Magic Mushroom Chocolates are the yummiest and the most efficient Magic Mushroom Edibles in the market. We use a method that keeps the entire nutritional gains of the antioxidant shrooms intact, hence you can enjoy full-fledged after-effects. So, the best way to flee from society’s eye and to have an ecstatic experience is trying our “Magic Mushroom Chocolates”!
So just hurry up! Buy Magic Mushrooms Canada and escape all your real-world problems! You can even avail exciting offers and discounts when you purchase our product!

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Chocloate bars

Cookies and Cream

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Chocloate bars

Punch Bar Combo

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Chocloate bars

Punch Bar Cream Edibles

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Chocloate bars

Vegan Mushroom


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